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Everything You Need to Know About Shears PHG - Customer Satisfaction and High Quality Work is Our No.1 Focus

You might have heard about Shears PHG from your friends and family if they’ve worked with us, but as always, there’s much to know about our locally-owned business than just the outstanding results that we produce. 

That’s what we’re most proud of, sure, but as a growing business that endeavours to have a positive impact on the community, there are plenty of other tidbits of information we’d love you to know about! 

On this page, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of our business, including who we are, what we do, our values, and so much more. And remember: if you have a home renovation project that you need some help with, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 01827 767212.

A Message From The Owner of Shears Plumbing Heating & Gas - Ben Shears

The ‘Shears’ part of our name wasn’t picked at random; it comes from the founder of the company, Ben Shears. 36 years old, Ben has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and comes from a long line of plumbers in Tamworth. Indeed, he’s the third generation to work in this field, which means there’s plenty of genetic experience at play in the quality of our work, too! 

And there’s every chance that the Shears will continue to work in this sector in the future, too. Ben has three children, and while there’s no guarantee that they’ll want to continue in his line of work, this is a family-run business so the door is open if they choose to do so!

We're a friendly, family business who value our customers and strive to provide the absolute best level of service on every job we do, whether thats fixing a tap leak or completing a full home renovation.

Based in Tamworth

We offer services throughout Tamworth and the surrounding areas, including Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield

Fully Qualified

You will be glad to know that we are Gas Safe registered (number 533955), OFTEC and LPG Accredited and G3 Qualified.

Professional Services

With plenty of experience at hand, we understand how important it is to offer professional services. Our services include boilers, bathrooms and kitchens.

Shears Plumbing, Heating & Gas Ltd


Safe Registered









Customer Services

Welcome to the team Charity. Charity’s been with us a few weeks now and some of you might of spoken to her already. She’s really funny with a dry sense of humour and in her spare time she likes going off in the campervan and being outdoors. You’ll always find her on the dance floor if you haven’t already give us a call she’s really friendly and will help in the best way possible.



Dean is the the guy that you will see for any plumbing/heating problems  you’ll always find him lying down on the floor because once he got stuck under a bath but don’t ask him because he will deny it and give you another story . He’s been working for Shears now for 3 years. In his spare time you’ll find him drinking energy drinks, supporting Aston Villa  or at the gym. He also likes motorbikes but had to give that up because he kept falling off them.

He’s party trick is necking a bottle of wine and whenever he goes to the bar and orders a pint you’ll always find him coming back with two.  We’ve asked those who work closely with Dean and they’ve said there’s nothing clean about Dean he’s just filth he’s a great guy quick witted, sarcastic and funny but don’t get on the wrong side of him because he's firey!



Tommy is one of the youngest at Shears PHG and has been working here for around 4 years . Tommy is also the hairiest member of the group and has the most nicknames. Before Shears PHG he use to push trolleys around into their bays and will tell you how much he enjoyed it and how relaxing it was. You can always find him in Vinyl in Tamworth on a weekend taking snapchats on the dance floor then quickly deleting them the next day before anyone sees them. We’ve asked the people who work closely with Tommy what they think. 

Tommy is really funny, some of the things he comes out with he has people in stitches, he’s a really nice lad, he’s always straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush and the lads love playing on his tinder profile.



Danielle is the voice on the other end of the phones when you phone up with a question, enquiry, problems or just for a chat. Danielle has been working for Shears PHG for nearly 3 years now and likes the banter (even Bobbys) how no day is the same and talking to everyone . In her spare time you’ll find her drinking Prosecco, eating salt and vinegar crisps or shopping in B&M buying things she doesn’t need. 

You’ll always find her in pjs or standing in the rain on a weekend morning as a typical football mum moaning that it’s too early or cold. We’ve asked the people that work close to Danielle to see what they think…they think she’s got a lovely personality, always cheerful and extremely helpful she is one of kind even though she is a twin and never gets offended with what the lads say she just rolls her eyes and pulls a face (She’s going to pay them off later).

Ben Shears

Ben Shears


Ben is the face behind the Shears PHG name. He first started Shears PHG in 2017 as a one man band just him and his van in the last 6 years he’s grown the company and now has many highly skilled employees.
Ben has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and has seen it all… (ask him he will tell you some stories)
In his spare time he likes to attempt golf (whiffking) or watch the blues lose. You can always find him singing or dancing even though he never sings the right words to the song.
You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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